Nervous Rex by William Van Horn
Nervous Rex is a Tyrannosaurus. Unfortunately Mother Nature created him a few meters too short for his species. And instead of flesh he prefers oatmeal - because oatmeal does not fight back. Rex is as peaceful as any living being could be. But then there is his wife Dearie, who moves heaven and hell trying to change Rex from a nice guy into a real ferocious king of the jungle. On the other hand Rex' good friends Vast Ronald, a giant, simple-minded Brontosaurus, and Forkie the Snake are giving their best to save him whenever Dearie gets into the mood of reminding her spouse of his royal duties.

In contrast to Spielberg's cloned Computer-Dinos or Japanese plastic lizards William Van Horn tells heart-warming stories of everyday life in primeval times. After all dinosaurs are just humans like you and me.

Nervous Rex was published in the U.S. in 10 issues by Blackthorne. The German Edition in graphic novel format saw print in 1996. Two volumes of 72 pages each have been published by the Edition Comic Speedline.
Order the German edition online:

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A very nice page with lots of infos on William Van Horn and Scans of all Nervous Rex-Covers from the US-edition has been created by Per-Erik Malmström

Nervous Rex story (in German, long - slow modems beware!).

View a short Flash-Animation of Nervous Rex in Action.


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